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      After the 2-day teambuilding session with anergy, the India team just gelled and performed extremely well as ONE TEAM. They are still talking abou the teambiulding today!

      Chrisitan Kleeberg


      ...I think I have benefitted a lot, not just in terms of doing my business better or doing sales better… what the course really helped me is to become a better person... to manage myself better and use these techniques to help people better, thank you so much...



      The workshop was very insightful and the tips being shared were extrememly useful in helping the leaders deal with the issues from their everyday work. I highly recomend anergy for training and teambuilding.

      John Edward


      ...it really does give you a sense of clarity and direction… whether it is in life or career in general… a second thing is that it really enhances the quality of life because you find out more about yourself and you find out more about other people.

      Coby Liu


      You run a very professional organization and programs. It would be a pleasure to share your company information with colleagues. Best wishes to you for continued success in the future.

      Dr David Anderson


      Having attended the retreat, I have to admit that I do find the session meaningful and personally it was a self-fulfilling and self enriching journey. I think most of my colleagues will agree with me that whilst we got to know each other better, the session was also beneficial for our personal growth. Thanks again.

      Tze Ling


      "...this is the best course I have ever taken...since taking the course, if I can get an interview, I get an offer for the job..."

      Mr. Dennis Hui, NLP Certificaiton Student

      "thanks very much for the clarification regarding the profiling matter. Your comments are very valuable, surprisingly accurate. I will keep this in mind in developing my team. Again, many thanks for organizing the excellent day for us. See you another time.” "

      Mr. Freddy Tam, Manager (DeutscheBank)

      "Thank you for the wonderful experience of last weekend's offsite. We all had a great time… Perhaps more importantly, our management was very impressed with the thought that went into the creation of such games that revealed the strengths in each individual of our group. We're still very tickled by our memories of the games and I know that we will continue remember this positive experience for years to come..."

      Ms. Lin Yujun (Singapore Exchange Limited)

      "KUDOS to the team for a job well done. The colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the event. As BK (Deputy Chief Executive) said after the meeting that no one was looking at his/her watch and wondering when the event will get over… All in all, thanks a ton for the wonderful time we had and saving my skin (we underwrote to my boss for a good event, and it really was). ” "

      Mr. Alcik Khaw, Head of Compliance (ICICI Bank, Singapore Branch)

      "I would like to say thank you again for a fun, exciting, meaningful and most importantly, enriching learning experience that you and your facilitators had prepared for us yesterday ... I personally appreciate the segments that you relate the learning points to all activities/actions that we were engaged in. I am truly enlightened by some of the words said. You guys are great! Thank you.” "

      Ms. Hwang Ion Yaw, Assitant Director (MOE School Planning Division)