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      Anergy Workshops Index

      Training Workshops Index

      Below are some write ups of our training workshops for your reference. Please note that we are able to customise workshops based on your selected topics and participants' profiles. Do contact us should you required more information.

       Do note that all rights is reserved by Anergy Fun Engineers Pte Ltd since 2003. All information is protected by copyright laws and written approval is required for any form of reproduction, whether for "for profit" or "non-profit" purposes. Do contact us should you require any of such permission.

      Training Workshops

      · Anergy DISC Workshop

      · NLP in a Flash (brief introduction to NLP)

      · Leadership Workshop - Basic Supervision Course

      · Leadership Workshop - Coaching Workshop

      · Leadership Workshop - Leadership Dynamics

      · Leadership Workshop - Effective Leadership

      · Leadership Workshop - Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

      · Change Management

      Training Articles

      · DISC Overview

      · DISC Applications

      · DISC & Teambuilding